The Second Inauguration of The Qur'an, the FurQan

The FurQan (Discernment) of the Qur’an for this Era of the End of The World

"The monogram on the tree; this is actually the combination of the four (4) symbolic physical signs by which our contemporary science has introduced the four (4)  fundamental forces of the Creation:  Gravity, Long and Short interactions for the two Nuclear forces, and Electromagnetic force. The Tree of Knowledge, of which the seed was planted at first on the field of Adam's mind; and through which today The Great Lord Creator Introduces His Greatest Signs to people of the World."

The "Tree" of Knowledge

Reveals the Identity of "The Creator"!


For this Second Opening of the Qur'an, (35:31-32) :

35:31 That which We have Revealed to you of the Book, being the just (the right of the Book), confirming what came before It, for All'h concerning His Servants, Is Well Acquainted, Fully Observant;

35:32 Then, We have Given the Book as inheritance to such of Our Servants We Have Chosen. So, of them (concerning the Book), wronged himself; and of them followed a middle course; and of them, by All'h's Will, foremost with good tidings (of the Book), such is the Great Grace!

God The Creator, Manifesting His Miracle through our contemporary Science, Introduces His Greatest Signs:

First, by Bringing an irrefutable mathematical Proof for His Word (the mathematical coding of the Qur'an, since 1974 by Dr. Rashad Khalifa); (74: 29-30)

74:29 Appearing (manifesting) for human,

74:30 On it are Nineteen!

Then, by Revealing His Greatest Signs (His Name) as The Forces of the Creation (the monogram on the Tree above) (53:13-18)

53:13 And now he saw Him at a second descent;

53:14 By the ultimate Cedar (Cedrus) Tree

53:18 Certainly he saw of the Greatest Signs of his Lord


"Time", "Science" and The "Book"

The three Messengers of our Time


Reveal : The God Creator;

Announcing the Second Opening and Inauguration of His Word, the Qur'an.
At the dawn of the 15th century, and Proclaim:

“The Religion of the Creator"
for All People of the World.

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This Second Opening of the Qur'an through the FurQan (the Discernment), reveals the 1400 years mysteries, unknown hitherto in the Qur'an, such as the real identity of the symbol of knowledge: Zil-Quarnaïn, known as the two horns, etc.


The Qu'ran, the only "divine book" preserved

during these last 14 centuries


The Qur'an is the Only Divine Book that has been Preserved during these last 14 centuries, proved through a Miraculous mathematical coding that chains all the words, letters, verses, etc. This Divine Evidence, out of reach and beyond human power, leaves no doubt whatsoever concerning the authenticity of the Word of The Creator!

The Guidance that has been brought by Time and Science:

God’s Tradition of Creation that never changes, demonstrates that everything brought into this World must undergo a cycle of evolution, and that all things stem from a single cell and evolve into a compatible pair. Thus Time and Science, the first two Missionaries of The Creator, have been Missioned to germinate the FurQan from the Qur’an's cell, introducing the hidden second branch of the Book, the third Missionary of The Creator, for us people of the 21st century, and the era of the end of the World.

The Mission of these three Missionaries today consists of:

  1. Proclaiming The Religion of The Creator, from which today all the actual religions have deviated; guiding and inviting people of the world under the same Flag of their unique common denominator, The Creator, the Only Lord and Beneficent of Universal people
  2. Denouncing the centuries and centuries of idol worship (17:43 Glory to Him and Highly above what they say, redundantly Exalted!), which is the cause of the actual overwhelming pollution in the inner and outer World of humankind; and putting God’s Instructions at one’s disposal for building the Ark of savior from the drowning flood of calamities that threatens everyone's inside and outside World today
  3. Introducing the Signs and the Intensity of the Power of their Creator, the reason for the Name All'h, absent in the preceding Torah or Injeel (the Bible) and why such Name should only appear in the final Scripture, the Qur’an
  4. Announcing :"THE BIRTH OF THE VERB", THE GREATEST MIRACLE and GIFT OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD TO HUMANKIND ON EARTH; The Event that all actual religions have been awaiting, for millennia!

2:256 There is no compulsion in The Religion! The right way is indeed clearly distinct from the error. So whoever turns away from Evil and believe in the Creator (/All’h), he indeed holds on to the most trustworthy handhold, that never breaks. And All’h is Hearing and Knowing!



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